Welcome to the Arts and Aging Toolkit - Edmonton Edition

An information resource on conducting quality community arts programs for older adults

The Arts and Aging Toolkit - Edmonton Edition celebrates older adults’ creative potential and seeks to benefit their overall health. By participating in professionally run community arts programs, older adults achieve a sense of mastery and are social engaged in a way that values their artistic abilities, past experiences, and knowledge.

Participating in quality community arts programs enhance older adults’ quality of life and has research-affirmed health benefits. In a 2001 study by Dr. Gene Cohen, participants in community arts programs reported a higher overall health rating, fewer doctor visits, less medication use, and less instance of falls.

Components of the toolkit include

Effective Practices
Program Design
Grants and Funding
Program Profiles

An ongoing project of the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council

The Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council (ESCC) takes the lead in bringing stakeholders together to plan for improvement to senior services.  We support and encourage shared planning, coordination, and collaboration among senior-serving organizations in Edmonton, and we facilitate joint planning to enhance the capacity of organizations to provide effective, accessible services to meet the diverse needs of seniors.

The ESCC recognizes the research-affirmed benefits of arts participation for seniors and is one of the lead organizers of the Creative Age Festival.The Creative Age Festival is a celebration of creative aging that encourages seniors to become more involved in the arts and recognizes the contributions of senior artists. The Festival celebrates the power of the arts - drama, music, visual arts, and dance - to energize and change the lives of older adults. Seniors' engagement with the arts has been shown to benefit mental and physical well-being, quality of life, and connections with community. To support and promote the benefits of year-round participation in the arts, the ESCC has developed the Arts and Aging Toolkit - Edmonton Edition. Explore the toolkit here and watch for information on the upcoming Creative Age Festival.