Professional Development for the Senior-Serving Sector

ESCC Annual General Meeting
April 27, 2018  |  1 – 3 p.m.
Location: to be announced
Keynote address: New Rules for a New Game – Government funding and health outcomes for seniors
The keynote presentation will focus attendees’ attention on the origins and outcomes of health and social spending in Canada generally, and Alberta specifically. In the context of an aging population, innovative research from the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy (SPP) suggests there is an overlooked upside to the diminishing returns offered by continued high levels of public spending on healthcare.
Dr. Daniel Dutton will kick off the keynote with a portrait of Canadian and Albertan spending on the formal healthcare system, showing the potential of redirecting just one cent of every dollar that presently goes towards hospitals and doctors. Dan’s data will illustrate how re-focusing on so-called ‘social spending’ can reap significant benefits at a fraction of the cost. 
Dr. Myles Leslie will then address the challenges of achieving this redistribution in spending, with a particular focus on the opportunities and changes inherent in the provision of community-based services to seniors and their informal caregivers. Myles will focus on how a change to Canada’s social contract – our core narratives of how government and health interact and work – will be necessary both to open up opportunities to redirect spending, and to overcome the challenges inherent in bringing those opportunities to fruition.
Dan and Myles will describe a range of ‘new rules’ – from changing the social contract, to making community-based work amenable to policy, to appropriately leveraging technology, to managing (and even leveraging) competition and redundancy in the provision of community services – for the ESCC community to consider as they move forward in the new game.
Learn more about Dr. Daniel Dutton and Dr. Myles Leslie.
The presentation is also open to organizations which are not members of ESCC. We’re confident the presentation will stimulate new thinking about health outcomes for seniors and we welcome representatives from provincial and municipal governments, health care sector, and community stakeholders to attend.
RSVP by April 20 using the online registration page. If you are unable to register online, call Masuma at 780-428-3660 or email
MARCH 2018
Think Tank Conversation: Volunteer Recognition
Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations
March 16, 9 – 11 a.m.
ECVO Training Room, Suite 258, Bonnie Doon Professional Centre (8330 82nd Ave.)
National Volunteer Week (NVW) begins April 15th and is a perfect opportunity to recognize volunteers and promote the impact of your volunteer program. You know volunteer recognition is important, so why does it often seem hard to get right? Join Edmonton volunteer managers in exploring volunteer recognition over some morning coffee. Dive into the power of storytelling and how you can recognize and showcase the value of your volunteers. Register.
Training for Board Members
Board Leadership Edmonton
March 17, 8 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.
Location: 1-047 Lister Centre, 11613 87 Ave.
$99 + GST or group fee of $396 + GST (get 5, pay 4)
Board Leadership Edmonton invites you to a day-long program of engaging and informative workshops focused on board members of voluntary and not-for-profit organizations. This conference provides you with a variety of sessions and networking opportunities addressing not-for-profit board fundamentals and trends. A limited number of bursaries are available. The deadline for bursary applications is noon on February 28.
Strategies for Inclusive Community Engagement
Tamarack Institute
March 21, 3 - 4 p.m. (Eastern)
This webinar will provide an overview of some of the tools and practices used to promote inclusive engagement, which the presenter defines as providing “people with opportunities to participate by reducing barriers, creating connections and engaging in meaningful and supportive ways.” 
Web Design Mini-Series
Think about your website: Is it putting its best foot forward or is it a few steps behind? This webinar mini-series will reveal strategies you can use to engage your website visitors and create lasting personal connections.
-Small Nonprofit Web Design: Converting Interest into Action March 21, 1 p.m. (Eastern)
-10 Tips that Make or Break Nonprofit Websites April 11, 1 p.m. (Eastern)
-Design and Storytelling: A Match Made in Website Heaven May 8, 1 p.m. (Eastern)
-10 Ways to Lose a Donor on Your Website June 5, 1 p.m. (Eastern) 
Strategic Planning ... Done Right
Charity Village March 22, 1 p.m. (Eastern)
Successful organizations are focused on results, and they articulate their desired objectives and outcomes in such a way as to ensure that the whole organization is pulling in the same direction. Is your organization pulling at full strength? This webinar will uncover the common pitfalls of ineffective strategic planning, how to reach a common view of what the future looks like, and methodologies on how to get there.
Telling the Story of Volunteer Impact
March 29, 2-3 p.m. (Eastern)
You want to share the impact volunteers have in your organization and in the community, but often the information you track doesn’t help you tell that story. This webinar will help you move past number of volunteers and number of hours and start telling the real story. You'll learn about information gathering and the key components to good storytelling, how to evaluate your current measurements, how to build support for a more thorough measurement and evaluation program, and how to engage other staff – paid and volunteer – in this work. You'll also receive a worksheet to help you begin to tell the story of volunteer impact in your organization.
Bylaws Lab
Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations
Is your organization looking to update its bylaws to stay current in an evolving non-profit sector? In Spring 2018, ECVO is partnering with the Government of Alberta and the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission to deliver an interactive Bylaws Lab with non-profits registered under the Societies Act. Representatives from Edmonton non-profits will gather for four workshops to learn best practices of updating bylaws while working through updating their own. The Lab dates are to be determined, but will likely be held in late-Q1 2018. Sign up to receive more information.
APRIL 2018
Eval Lab
Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations
With the increasing push for evaluation in the nonprofit sector, organizations face the difficult task of incorporating evaluation into their day-to-day work with only minimal resources to do so. The goal of Eval Lab is to explore how nonprofits can integrate evaluative thinking into their practices for improved learning and decision-making. Participants will work alongside other team managers from Edmonton area non-profits in a co-learning space designed to explore, test, and adapt evaluation-based concepts to real-life settings and scenarios.
A small cohort of lab participants will meet regularly for six full-day sessions over a period of seven months, leaving opportunities between to apply lab learning to their organizations. Meetings will be held in the first week of the month from April to October, excluding September.
This initial pilot is limited to human service agencies. ECVO hopes to attract co-learners from human services non-profits who are curious, open-minded, critical, reflective, and willing to embrace uncertainty. If you are interested in applying fill out the Google Form to tell ECVO about you, your organization, and what you hope to get out of Eval Lab. Space is limited. The deadline to apply is March 9.
Leader as Coach (for Nonprofits)
Casey Executive Coaching
April 3, May 12 and May 24
Edmonton $500 (after qualifying for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant)
This program is for leaders who want to expand their capacity as an inspiring leader, want to motivate their team to achieve great things, and who truly want to make a difference. You will:
-develop your leadership presence
-build your emotional intelligence
-gain a coach-approach to drive performance
-discover the exponential capacity inclusive leadership creates
Living Spaces: Policy Supports & Barriers in Alberta
Institute for Continuing Care Education and Research
April 4, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Edmonton Clinic Health Academy, Room 4-036, 11405 87 Ave
Free for ICCER members/$50 for non-members
This networking event will examine the policy supports and barriers that drive the design and operation of continuing care spaces within Alberta. This session is the result of research accomplished towards better understanding the relationship between people's lived experiences and policies that drive the design of living spaces.
This event will begin with a short film titled "The Cigarette" that highlights some of the realities of designed continuing care spaces.  The speakers will then discuss how the lived experience of residents is disconnected from policy instruments, illuminating the policy barriers and the interpretations of policy instruments that are so intrinsically linked to designed outcomes.
How to Read and Understand Financial Statements
Charity Village
April 5, 1 p.m. (Eastern)
For board members, executives and directors of small to mid-size nonprofit organizations and charities, a solid understanding of the organization's financial statements is vital to successfully planning for the future, building capacity and preventing fraud. But many nonprofit leaders without a background in nonprofit finance may feel at a loss when it comes to reviewing their organization's financial reports. This webinar will help you gain an introductory understanding of how to better understand your organization's financial statements. 
Selecting Accounting and Financial Management Software for Your Nonprofit
April 5, 1-2 p.m. (Eastern)
The marketplace for nonprofit accounting and financial management software is more competitive than ever. The good news is nonprofits have never had so many useful options. The challenge is sorting them out and finding the system that best meets their needs. This webinar presents findings from an Idealware research report then features a panel discussion to help you understand the landscape of financial management software and how to find the right fit.
Connections Conference 2018: Thinking Differently, Together.
Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations
April 11
Mount Royal University, Calgary
The 2018 Connections Conference builds on CCVO's research on adaptive capacity in the nonprofit sector, and brings together professionals from Alberta's nonprofit, government, and business sectors to continue the conversation and explore new ways to work together. Hear from thought leaders who will stretch your thinking. Make valuable new connections across sectors. Be inspired to create positive change by thinking differently about how to lead, collaborate, innovate, and more
Bylaws Refresher
Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations, Government of Alberta, and the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
April 12, 6 – 10 p.m.
Location to be determined
Is your organization looking to update its bylaws to stay current in an evolving non-profit sector? This session for non-profits registered under the Societies Act will explore bylaw requirements, recommendations, and proven practices. You will walk out of the session with a deeper knowledge of bylaws, how they are structured, key clauses that you need to include and a series of questions that you will need to explore with your organization. This will provide you with the framework to update, change, or create your next set of bylaws. You will be provided with resources, templates, and a set of proven practices to help you modify, edit, or build your next set of bylaws. Attendees will also be able to ask questions directly related to their organization.
The Cannabis Quagmire: Accommodations for 2018 & Beyond
Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations and Talent Pool
April 12, 8:30 a.m. – noon
Santa Maria Goretti Centre (11050 90 Street)
With legal marijuana just around the corner, employers need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities. Organizations and HR professionals need to answer questions regarding acceptable level of use, required policies and procedures, and violation of rules. Using the “Workplace marijuana possession/use” case study, this session will discuss the myths and realities of cannabis usage in the workplace, including types of cannabis products, medical marijuana, recreational uses, human rights vs privacy vs safety, and workplace readiness.
Mental Health First Aid – Seniors
Minerva Senior Studies Institute
April 14 and 15, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Alberta College Campus (10050 MacDonald Drive)
$195 + $35 material fee
The likelihood of experiencing a mental health problem or illness in a given year increases as of age 69, and currently men aged 80 and older have the highest suicide rates in Canada. MHFA for Seniors is intended to increase the capacity of seniors, family members, caregivers, and staff in care settings to promote mental health in seniors, prevent mental illness and suicide wherever possible in seniors, and intervene early when problems first emerge. Learn how to recognize the symptoms of mental health problems or crises as they develop in seniors, provide initial help when dealing with a mental health problem or crisis, and guide a senior and/or caregiver toward appropriate professional help and resources. Call 780-497-4400 to register or to get more information.
Top Charity Compliance Issues for Canadian Registered Charities
Charity Village April 19, 1 p.m. (Eastern)
This webinar provides plain language information and resources about the compliance obligations of Canadian registered charities. It also covers the top Canada Revenue Agency concerns for Canadian registered charities including: recent developments involving the CRA including their move to electronic forms for charity applications and filing the T3010, official donation receipts, staying within a charity’s legal objects, and how to handle a CRA charity audit.
FACE IT: Elder Abuse Happens
Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council and Alberta Seniors and Housing
April 30 – May 2
River Cree Resort and Casino
Early Bird $249 (closes March 2) / Regular $299
FACE IT: Elder Abuse Happens – Community of Practice, Taking Action conference and trade show focuses on trends, shares promising practices and looks at a community of practice taking action to deal with elder abuse in Alberta. Keynote speaker Peter Jaffe will speak on Domestic Violence/Homicide with Older Canadians – Lessons Learned from Tragedies and Betty Jo Barrett will speak on the Bystander Effect. Margaret MacPherson will also lead “It’s Not Right!” Neighbours, Friends, and Families for Older Adults training.
JUNE 2018
2018 Canadian Falls Prevention Conference: Taking action together
June 11-12
St. John’s, Newfoundland
The conference brings together experts from across Canada and around the world to share clinical advances, research excellence and policy innovations in falls prevention.
 AUGUST 2018
IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing
International Federation on Ageing
August 8-10, 2018
Toronto, Ontario
Plan to attend this international conference held in our own country. The conference will explore four key themes aligned directly with the WHO Global Strategy and Action Plan: Combating Ageism, Enabling Functional Ability, Addressing Inequalities, and Toward Healthy Ageing. In association with the conference, Master Classes are offered on August 7. Participants can learn and engage with experts about some of the key challenges in the field of ageing.
Archived Webinar Series: Establishing Age-Friendly Environments
International Federation on Ageing and World Health Organization
Age-friendly environments is a global emerging trend attracting the interest of all levels of governments, industry, NGOs and academia. In 2017 and 2018 the IFA and WHO presented a series of six webinars on trends and themes relating to age-friendly communities and environments.
Webinar 1: Establishing Age-Friendly Environments
Webinar 2: WHO Core Indicators of Age-Friendliness
Webinar 3: Making communities work for the most vulnerable: What can age-friendly learn from the dementia-friendly movement?
Webinar 4: Aging2.0: Improving experiences for older people through technology and innovation
Webinar 5: Rural and Remote Age-friendly Communities
Webinar 6: Engaging Planners as Livable Community Allies