Seniors Home Supports Program

The Seniors Home Supports Program is a referral service that provides Edmonton seniors with referrals to vetted service providers offering snow removal, yard help, housekeeping or minor home repair services.

Six seniors organizations participate in the Seniors Home Supports Program and coordinate the program in their districts which cover all areas of Edmonton. Seniors organizations screen and vet service providers (businesses, community groups and individuals) to ensure they are reputable.

Referral Process

  • When seniors contact the organization that coordinates the program in their area of the city they are given referrals to a number of service providers.
  • Seniors contact the service providers to discuss the work they need done and the costs. The senior then selects a service provider that fits their needs.
  • Seniors are not charged for the referral but they will pay a fee to the service provider for completing the work.

Scope of Services

Referrals are provided to service providers which offer:

  • Snow removal: remove snow and put down anti-slip material to cover icy spots (not chipping ice)
  • Yard help: mow lawn and do spring/fall clean-up (not including removal of animal waste, weeding gardens or planting flowers)
  • Housekeeping: vacuum, wash floors, clean bathrooms, do laundry, dust, clean the fridge
  • Minor home repair: clean eaves troughs, repair gate/fence and stair/handrail, change light bulbs, replace door knobs, repair flooring, install grab bars, clean windows (without removing windows)

District Contacts

Seniors contact the organization that serves their part of the city:

Phone Number
North West
North East
South East
Mill Woods
South West

Review the map which shows the geographical boundaries and a list of postal codes for each district.