Credits for the Mobilizing for Action Report

Mobilizing for Action was written by Luis Alberto D’Elia, Project Coordinator with the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council (ESCC), with the exception of the 2008 Edmonton Cultural Profiles section which was written by community writers listed below. Assistance was provided by ESCC Executive Director Sheila Hallett and Communications Coordinator Rich Gossen.

Funding for this project was granted by the New Horizons for Seniors Program and the City of Edmonton Community Services, 2008.

The project was guided by a team of community partners:

Yvonne Chiu of the Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative

Maureen Gross and Jill Chesley of Catholic Social Services

Nasreen Omar of the University of Alberta Hospital

Lucenia Ortiz of the Royal Alexandra Hospital

Judy Sillito of the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers

Brenda Wong of Community Services, City of Edmonton

2008 Cultural Profile Writers:
Irene Dormitorio, Judy Sachs, Zaw Moe, Mana Ali, Nasreen Omar, Mieun Kwak, Nhan Lu, Susana Runge, Firozeh Penhani, Sabah Tahir, Joseph Luri, Nora Abou-Absi, Serawit Dafla

Cultural Profile Editors: Michael Tonderai Kariwo, Nasreen Omar and Rich Gossen

Note: Much of the research on immigrant seniors has failed to recognize ethnicity or culture as relevant variables in understanding and addressing their needs. This review is based on the recognition that diversity is not only enriching but also it poses challenges, and these can be adequately addressed only if efforts are based on a thorough and respectful understanding of immigrant seniors’ cultural and ethnic identity. Attempts will be made to keep this information current on the ESCC website.
- Project Coordinator Luis Alberto D’Elia