Recognizing Elder Abuse

Types of elder abuse (Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network)
Getting help (tips from Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network)
Elder Abuse Prevention Tips (Elder Abuse Resources and Support)
How to help abused seniors (Edmonton Police Service)
Let's Talk: Elder Abuse Tip Sheet and Resource Manual (Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta, 2015)
Planning ahead to prevent elder abuse (Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta, 2015)
What You Can Do to Keep Yourself Safe From Abuse (It's Not Right! Neighbours, Friends and Family for Older Adults)
Elder Abuse Intake Line: 780-477-2929 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
Seniors Abuse Help Line: 780-454-8888 (Information and referral 24 hours a day)
Seniors Safe House Temporary accommodation for seniors leaving abusive situations. Intake phone number is 780-702-1520
Elder Abuse Resources and Supports (EARS) Program: Provides support, assessment and referral to seniors who are experiencing low to medium level risk in their home situation and where police intervention is not required
Protection for Persons in Care (Government of Alberta)