Seniors Sector Resources

Aging Population Policy Framework (Province of Alberta, 2010)
Examining Seniors' Centres in Alberta as Centres of Excellence: Identifying their Needs and Capacities – A research report outlining the current state of Alberta senior centres in areas such as member demographics, facilities, staffing, boards, finances, programs and services, and plans to address challenges. (Alberta Association of Senior Centres, 2014 )
Alberta Senior Centres Needs & Capacities Companion Report 2014 – A report supplementing the existing research by defining systemic strategies that would support and enhance the role of senior centres across the province. (Alberta Association of Senior Centres, 2014)
Seniors' Centres Plan 2011-2021 (City of Edmonton and ESCC)
Alberta Seniors Business Plan 2015-20 (Government of Alberta, 2015)
Alberta Seniors Advocate Call 780-644-0682 or toll-free at 1-844-644-0682.
Canadian Association on Gerontology
Calgary seniors sector resources: ElderNet, Kerby Centre, Age-Friendly Calgary
Aging and Urbanization: Principles for Creating Sustainable, Growth-Oriented and Age-Friendly Cities (McGraw Hill Financial Global Institute in partnership with the Global Coalition on Aging, 2016)
A Retirement Wake-Up Call: Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey 2016 (AEGON Center for Longevity and Retirement, 2016)