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Recreation and Wellness Directory for Older Adults

Here you can search for arts, fitness, technology, health, and recreational activities for adults 55+ in the Edmonton area. You’ll find hundreds of interesting and fun activities to enrich your life.

Some organizations have reciprocal program registration in place, which allows members of one organization to take certain courses at other centres involved in the reciprocal agreement. Contact your chosen organization to find out if they have any reciprocal registration options.

Many programs are sorted by geographic region, however, there is also a "Citywide" option to help you identify programs that are offered throughout the city, or are not bound by a geographic location (online programs, for example).

You may notice * and + symbols beside some of the activity names.

  • The * indicates activities that are offered evenings and/or weekends.
  • The + indicates activities that are suitable for people with limited English skills.