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ESCC Board Nomination 2024

2024-02-01 Board Member Nomination

January 28, 2024 

To the President/Board Chair and Executive Director of ESCC Member Organizations: 

RE: Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council Board 

The Nominating Committee of the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council (ESCC) is seeking members interested in working on its Board of Directors in preparation for our Annual General Meeting to be held in April. Serving on the ESCC Board of Directors is an opportunity to become further involved in the broad issues of the entire seniors’ sector and to contribute to making Edmonton an age friendly city. 

As a member of the Board of Directors for the ESCC, you would be a part of the governance team responsible for providing strategic leadership through directing, influencing, and monitoring the organization’s business based on its bylaws, code of conduct and board charter. Each director has fiduciary, organizational, operational and audit duties. Collectively the directors are accountable to the members, stakeholders, and the broader community. A board member usually serves 3 years per term and may work on a variety of committees to assist in the organization's operations. 

We would like to invite your organization to suggest a candidate(s) and have enclosed a Nomination Form to allow you to put forward a candidate for consideration. The Nominating Committee is seeking Board candidates that align with the vision and mission of ESCC. 

If you are expressing interest, please include a cover letter explaining your interest in our Board’s work and how you think you could contribute, along with a completed Nomination Form. We are particularly seeking people with an understanding of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion principles. 

There are two categories that are open for candidates:  

  • Senior-serving Organizations – registered and/or incorporated charities or not-for-profit organizations authorized to operate in Alberta that provide social and recreational programs and/or social support services for Edmonton’s aging population.  
  • Supportive Organizations – organizations that have an interest in the delivery of services to seniors and do not meet the criteria of senior-serving organizations.

We look forward to hearing from you. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or the ESCC office.  


Christopher Chilibeck 

Nominating Committee Chair