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AFE Lunch n Learn: Aging in Place & Universal Design

We are living at a time where the term “aging in place” is expanding our thinking about all the possibilities that can enhance the quality of life in our own homes. Surveys consistently find that the vast majority of seniors/older adults adamantly want to remain in their own homes and communities rather than a retirement community or other such facility, but there is a disparity between aspiration and preparation, as not all homes are conducive for aging in place.

As our population ages, and more care is being delivered in home settings, accessible and safety home features along with assistive technology are critical to support aging in place. Even minor modifications that are not costly or labor intensive can make a big difference. With proactive planning and smart home modifications that enhance safety and accessibility, Aging-in-Place can be a promising reality. A home serves as the focal point for successful aging in place, and advanced planning helps to ensure a person’s home works for them as they strive to live safely and independently over time. Whether it’s a simple grab bar installation or a makeover to accommodate one story living, the time to make modifications and leverage useful technology is before the need arises. Falls are the leading cause of injury in adults over 65, so it’s very important to prioritize home safety and be proactive about ensuring our homes are as accessible and as safe as possible to ensure readiness for any challenges that come with age.

This presentation is intended to provide a learning opportunity about the benefits of incorporating accessibility and universal design in your how home that can optimize your Aging-in-Place experience by retrofitting and incorporating modifications to make your home safer and more livable. Would a few changes make a home easier and safer to live in? For example things like a ramp at the front door, grab bars in the tub or shower.